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What am I looking at?
The White House website allows citizens to create and sign petitions; I've downloaded the signer's first name and location to map where they are from and chart the rate of signing.

Where is the petition I'm looking for?
Currently the site only examines unanswered petitions with a large number of signatures - this may change in the future, but until then you're out of luck. I add petitions manually and it is possible I've missed one. If that is the case, feel free to send me an email: adam.r.pearce at gmail.com

Why don't these numbers match the one of the White House page?
Signatures are only counted if they have a recognizable name and location. It is also possible that the daily update script has run into a problem.

Are there any more statistics about the petitions?
Based on name and location, I've derived estimations about party affiliation and age for each petition. They aren't nearly as accurate as gender so they aren't currently included; I'm planning on adding an 'advanced view' to the table including them.