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Interactive tornado map

This is a remake of a map John Nelson made over the summer:

Seeing Nelson’s map for the first time, I was struck at how well its combination of two intuitive ideas – transforming starting/ending locations into direction and displaying those directions with a polar histogram – created an instantly understandable visualization. It does a wonderful job of clearly communicating an idea to a wide audience. Sharing what I’ve learned from looking at this map with a sentence: “Most tornadoes in the US travel Northeast and typically occur in the East” isn’t nearly as impactful (a week after hearing that I probably wouldn’t remember the direction) or informative (what do ‘most’ and ‘typically’ mean?) as looking at the map.

I’ve tried to emulate the aesthetic of Nelson’s map while attaching one more simple idea – crossfilter - to it. Some things I’m happy with:

Some ‘Todos’ without a checkmark:

But! I haven’t posted anything for four months and I’m looking forward to starting something new and applying some of what I’ve learned working full time with d3 over the the last two months.