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First Post

I’ve found that writing todo lists enormously increases my productivity while programming. Programming is all about breaking larger problems into smaller problems over and over until the problems are small enough to solve easily. Lists provide a map of the problems that need solving and make it possible to work on a smaller subset of them without having to simultaneously worry about the global structure of the program.

I’d like to learn more about creating computer programs able to play board games; to that end, over the next day or two I’m going to be working on an AI for 8×8 Connect 4 and try to accomplish the following:

  1. Implement a Minimax algorithm using javascript since game logic and GUI are already written. The heuristic evaluation function will probably count the number of winning moves available to both players.
  2. Add alpha-beta punning to the Minimax algorithm.
  3. Create a Monte-Carlo Tree Search algorithm for Connect 4. I’m not currently very familiar with this technique, but based on what I’ve read so far, it looks like it is state of the art.
  4. Have the programs play each other (with similar run times) and post the results.

Other assorted ideas I’m thinking of trying (updated occasionally):

State population flow Pupyrev et al. parallel flow diagrams look very promising.

Project Gutenberg

Whale words and other text visualizations, both work specific and aggregate

Dragon curve

Unfold with mouseover

Submarine cables

Fibonacci numbers

Show computation with recursion, memorization and newtons method

Twitter -> RSS

graph-scroll lib

Analysing data with d3

Oscars, temp over time

Click and drag exploration of svg paths

Software package usage

The actual hardest shot in bowling

Degrees of Duncan

Convex box score points - every player that’s played 20 min+ and scored less than 10

Space debis

python v r data analysis

clojurescript/om demo

Server side code


song lyrics

cartography w/ nba or game positions

Stretching and shrinking time

Making tools for d3

Difference between playoff and regular season win rates

Remake trib baseball chart

Ship logs

Number of seconds with a lead v chance of winning

Small multiples point differential for each minute over the course of a game

Hilbert Scope

Radial Sunrise map

Log scales are pretty great!

Which team is the best at 2-1?

Distance between two people

2016 in everyone’s graphics

2016 chart diary

play by play

Curl states into each other

Longest time between released league of legends skins / champs

Bump chart of living presidents

2017 chart diary

Chart people’s position overtime

tensorflow astronomy images to find stars that look like other things

Live Life dashboard

Change in enforcement?


Trading Bot Parmeters

new hp

Structure of fiction

No Thanks

Dodgers win streak

CTA map

hurricane how-to

Encoding line width

Hapax Legomena

Hacking Hot Reloading

That blog post about how the blog is set up

Flappy Beep

webcam showing layers


Kelly betting

Word memes on Hackernews

What does reddit repeat?

Inflation adjust your numbers!

MSI 2018

Spurs 50 win streak

2018 chart diary

New homepage zoooom


3d animation thinger

Winning by at least 17 after Q1 -> final margin of victory

animated illusions

rotating vector field

zoom into a pixel looping forever


spotify webplayer winamp skin

weather charts


wild fire indexing

year end slug consistency

Bulls are 1-16 v teams with a winning record and in 9th seed

LeBron beat Kemba 28 times in a row

Lebron hit 5 threes in a few minutes

visual snakes and ladders

Best winning streak of a time period

hyper cube portfolio page

usable spiral portfolio

zoomable dorling cartogram

are cow’s actually better repped in the senate?

Airbnb lawsuits over time

d3 learning

chicago neighborhoods

chart podcast audio

chart TAL replays

local observable

umap of amazon review for a product

codenames embeddings

every bitcoin explanation

commute v. cost

hacker news reposts

scotus wars

stock returns

Momentum transition

Multi dimensional arraybuffers for js

forecast outliers

track flair changes on subreddits

umap + oeis

Animal pictures

Basketball WP by margin

NBA team changes

RCP polling


Distribution of gymnastics ages over time


Covid polarization but with bars

Rewrite NYT webheadline as a print

Has the NYT stopped reviewing as many off broadway shows?

Custom tool to make diverging color scales

LeBron Point Record

LeBron reddit nick names

Smushed Voroni

“One-dimensional” is a slight misnomer: the pointerX and pointerY transforms consider distance in both dimensions, but the distance along the non-dominant dimension is divided by 100.